Wilson Blade 98L (16×19) 285g Grip L2


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With the Blade 98L, Wilson adds a light and speedy version to one of their most iconic racquet lines. This very user-friendly stick brings the phenomenal control and feel of the Blade series to a wider cross-section of players (from strong beginners and intermediates to competitive juniors). In addition to this racquet’s great control, there’s also plenty of spin available thanks to its grippy 16×19 string pattern. To help the strings absorb more shock and transfer more power to the ball, Wilson has given this model Parallel Drilling technology. At 10.7 ounces, this racquet comes around faster than the heavier Blade models but it still manages to deliver great feel. This fact will help improving players generate the stroke speed required for pace and spin. The high level of maneuverability also makes it easier for you to retrieve balls on the run or flick winners when pulled off the court. Balanced only 1 point head light, there’s not only enough mass in the head to stabilize the racquet at impact (see control and comfort), but you’ll find it easier to drive the ball through the court (see power). At net the 98L will give you the speed to react quickly or pounce on floaters. Although this stick doesn’t have the solid feel and plow-through of the heavier Blade modes, it should work very well for the rising player who wants a little extra maneuverability. All in all, the 98L makes a fine addition to the Blade franchise. With its very manageable weight, controllable power and great feel, it should work very well for a wide range of players.

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