Canterbury Mentre Size 5 Training Rugby Ball


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Practice your skills and make the big games count with the Mentre training rugby ball. Designed for everyday use, this ball is durable thanks to a hard density compound rubber surface and mid panel valve to support throughout your training. Ideal for practicing passing and ball control under pressure, this ball has a grippy, textured rubber surface plus an internal latex bladder to make sure if retains its shape and can last longer before you need to inflate it again. The iconic Canterbury logo and chevron design make this ball easy to spot during play and provide a striking zone so you can kick with accuracy.

  • Durable rugby ball designed for everyday use
  • Medium density grippy textured rubber surface
  • Chevron design provides a striking zone when kicking
  • Internal latex bladder so ball retains its shape
  •  3-ply cotton and polyester laminated construction


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