Junior Rush Pro QL Black / White Tennis Shoe UK 3


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Light upper
The soft and light upper is responsible for the incredible comfort of these shoes. This is the perfect model for school or fun play outside.

Fabric interior
The above shoes have an interior lined with extra material, which not only protects the feet from blisters but also acts as a thermoregulating layer.

Flexible insole
For crazy play on the playground, secure your little one in shoes with a fabric insole that has flexible properties and will fit their feet perfectly. It’s time for fun and comfortable footwear!

Strong laces
Lace-up kids’ shoes are a stylish and practical option for every girl. In these shoes your child will feel confident and trendy!

High-grade bottom
When choosing everyday shoes for your child, pay attention to the sole which should be of a high-quality and protect the feet. Go for those made of high-grade material.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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