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Introducing the lightest and fastest member of the Ultra franchise. At 9.6 ounces strung, this racquet is ideal for improving beginners. It should also work for the intermediate player who requires maximum maneuverability or the rising junior who is ready for an adult performance frame. Named the Ultra 100UL, this racquet’s quick handling will make it easier for you to control the racquet’s speed and angle through contact (think user-friendly). Factor in the relatively compact 100in² head and the result is a racquet that enables you to address the ball with confidence. This model also comes with Wilson’s Uncontaminated Design, which means it has the same bold simplicity and velvety paint finish found in the iconic Pro Staff line, co-designed by Federer. To help with stability and control, the Ultra 100UL features a structural reinforcement in the shaft (called Power Rib). This technology also features Crush Zone grommets in the yoke, which compress at impact for added dwell time, comfort and power. Thanks to the Carbon Fiber layup, the Ultra 100UL’s string bed feels very solid and lively, without the typical “dead zones” on off-center contact. On groundstrokes, the Ultra 100UL feels extremely fast, accurate and spin-friendly. (Did we mention user-friendly?) When strung with a soft multifilament string, this racquet has great feel and impressive responsiveness on off-center hits. At net, the light weight makes for easy positioning, and there’s plenty of pop for putting the ball away. The easy acceleration shines on serves where you’ll find good pace and easy targeting. Ultimately, this fast, comfortable and spin-friendly racquet is a great option for any player who needs ease of use. The fact that it delivers impressive spin and power for a light racquet make it a very attractive option.


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