GRAY-NICOLLS Test Opener Cricket Helmet M

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The Test Opener Helmut is one of the safest cricket helmets on the market. Integrated shock absorbers reduce the impact of a high-speed cricket ball can have, providing high levels of safety. The lateral armour surrounds give an extra layer of support around the side of the grille where it fits the main section of the helmet, offering an additional protective layer in an area that is often exposed against short-pitched bowling. It has a factory fitted grille, which ensures that the grille has been attached correctly at the time of manufacture. The interflow vent channels of the this helmut work to keep batsmen cool even as they go deep into their innings. It comes fitted with an adjustable internal strap that sits on across the chin, ensuring stability.
  • Our batting helmets conform to all ICC testing and standards
  • Integrated shock absorbers to help reduce the impact of the ball when the helmet is struck
  • Lateral armour surrounds provide additional protection on the side of the helmet
  • Factory fitted apex grille, ensuring correct application, taking the guesswork out for user
  • Interflow vent channels keep the batsmen cool, even in the heat of battle
  • The internal strap provides stability and comfort of the helmet, even with high levels of movement


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