Lotto Logo VI Jersey XXL


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o An Iconic line of the Lotto apparel offer, presents a modern SOCCER-FIVE-A-SIDE inspiration with its colours, materials and style

o Target consumer: young and brand-driven consumers

o New cleaner styles with less invasive prints, entirely renewed with graphic layouts but retaining its characteristic and extensive use of the Lotto logo

o The key elements of the commercial success of this line are the quality and lightness of the materials, constructive solutions and excellent wearability

o Mix of materials encompassing cotton and polyester so as to adapt to the individual demands of different markets

o Losanga and Lotto script is combined with the Italian Sport Design pay-off, the typical juxtaposition of the line

o Tone-on-tone graphics, some with catchy lightning graphics for a fresh and dynamic look

o Two colour stories inspired by active sports: blue-based combined with red fluo and intense blue; black-based with fluo yellow details; white transversal tops complete the offer

o Contrasting fluorescent details, such as piping and drawstrings


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