Pro Kennex Ki 5 260 Yellow 4 1/8


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It is perfect for the aspiring junior or strong beginner who wants to start swinging faster and hitting with more pace and spin.

The Ki 5 (260g) is also great for the intermediate player who wants a lightning fast weapon with a very predictable and spin friendly stringbed response.

Thanks to its Kinetic Technology, which uses movable mass to reduce impact shock, the Ki 5 (260g) offers above average comfort and arm-safety for its weight class. From the baseline, this stick swings fast and delivers controllable power.

There’s also plenty of spin-potential thanks to the open 16×20 string pattern. Less experienced players will find enough accuracy to confidently attack the ball. At net the light weight makes it easy to react quickly on volleys.

There’s also a surprising level of stability on balls struck off-center. Finally, we think beginners and intermediates will appreciate the fast feel on serves where the Ki 5 whips very easily and powerfully through the strike zone.