Pro Kennex Ki Q+5 Light yellow 4 1/4


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The Pro Kennex KI Q+5 Light racquet features a 280g weight with a 33cm balance that allows for great maneuverability and spin.
The 645cm² medium head and 21 mm thin section provide a lot of control and allow you to reach very precise areas. While the 16×20 string pattern is ideal for putting a lot of spin into your shots.

Comfort is a real highlight of this racquet thanks to the Kinetic Quadfocus technology, which will absorb vibrations and allow the player to expend less energy. This technology is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of tennis elbow and allows players with arm pain to continue playing.

Type of player

  • Beginner to intermediate level players looking for a versatile racquet with good feel.
  • This racquet is particularly recommended in the prevention of tennis-elbow.

Technologies :

Kinetic Quadfocus: Addition of Kinetic beads in the four corners of the racquet that will absorb the vibrations from the impact between the ball and the racquet to fully protect your arm from injuries like tennis elbow.