Prokennex IQ POLY XT string Orange


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User benefits: Control – Responsiveness – Comfort

Control and Power

This Pro Kennex IQ Poly XT string has an excellent ratio of power to control. Its latest generation polymer construction provides more flexibility and therefore better performance when hitting.


Although this string has a round shape, it still offers a good spin rate for players looking to cover the ball.


This string will suit players who want a string that will last over time, but it is not recommended for heavy breakers who may wear out the string too quickly.

Tension holding

Thanks to its great elasticity, this string will be able to keep its initial tension for a long time, contrary to other monofilaments.


While monofilaments offer little comfort, Pro Kennex, like its racquets, makes a point of protecting players’ arms from injury. That’s why this string offers a comfort higher than the average monofilament and will annihilate the bad vibrations during off-center hits.

Our recommendations

Player profile: Player looking for a monofilament combining versatility and comfort.