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Developed with the help of a prominent ATP touring pro, Hyper-G is a bright green co-poly string from Solinco. Like Tour Bite (Solinco’s most popular string), Hyper-G has a square shape and four grippy edges. Also like Tour Bite, this string gave our team phenomenal accuracy on full swings — a fact supported by the nearly perfect control score we gave Hyper-G. Predictably, spin was a standout feature, and it helps explain why it was so easy for us to shape the trajectory and angle of our shots. Perhaps the most surprising feature of Hyper-G was the feel, which was surprisingly forgiving for a heavy duty co-poly. Granted, this string is likely too stiff and powerless for beginners, but if our team has it right, it should work very well for the poly veteran who wants superior control without over-compromising the sweetspot. Another impressive feature was the tension maintenance, which is typically the biggest downside of co-polys. Hyper-G held its playability longer than the majority of the strings in its class. With near iconic co-polys like Tour Bite in its growing line of phenomenal strings, it is becoming increasingly hard for Solinco to outdo itself. However, after hitting Hyper-G for a few weeks, we think the industry’s fastest rising star may have moved the needle once again.


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