Wilson Clash 98 16×19 310G

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User Benefits : Control – Comfort – Stability

The Wilson Clash 98 racquet will revolutionise the game of tennis as Wilson has developed a racquet that brings both control and power ! The innovative technologies developed by Wilson called Free Flex and Stable Smart will provide a great amount of flexibility in the vertical axis, but also a great deal of stiffness during racquet torsion. Thus, this offers a fantastic combination between control and power.

This racquet is equipped with a 630cm² head size with the goal of ensuring additional precision. This head size is made for players who are capable of centering the ball on this smaller hitting surface.

The 310g weight is associated with a balance of 30.6cm in order to offer extra manoeuvrability and stability when you are hitting powerful shots !

The 16×19 string pattern also emphasises your ability to develop spin and power.

The innovative Clash range is truly a revolution for tennis ! This model is able to offer just as much control as power. You will no longer need to have to choose between one or the other !

Type of player :

– advanced level players who are looking for stability and accuracy

Technologies :

– Free Flex : Revolutionary technology created to allow the racquet to curve at the moment of impact with specific carbon plaiting. This will increase control and maintain power.
– Stable Smart : This is an innovative frame shape developed to optimise stability when you are striking the ball and increase the amount of released power.


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