Pro Kennex Ki Q+Tour Pro Green 4 3/8


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ProKennex updates the Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 with a sleek black-green cosmetic, but keeps the original spec profile that makes this the perfect tool for intermediate and advanced players. Like other members of the Q+ series this stick delivers the “best of class” comfort and arm-safety that has defined the brand. Like the previous version, this racquet blends controllable power with outstanding ball feedback. The signature technology is Kinetic Quadfocus, which deploys movable mass in the racquet’s head to give you greater stability, power and arm-protection. With its Comfort Cap technology, ProKennex extends its Kinetic system to the butt cap, resulting in an even more arm-friendly hitting experience. Additional features include a firm SpiralTech Carbon layup, which removes impurities and air pockets from the graphite layers in order to provide extra strength and dampening.